We provide services for the following types of businesses

• Office Buildings (Large and Small) 

• Restaurants

• Retail Stores

• Places of Worship

• Medical Offices

• Live Performance Venues

• Single Offices

• Gyms

• Spas

• Salons

We provide the following services

• Basic cleaning

• One time cleanings

• Restroom Cleaning

• Locker-room Cleaning

• Glass and window cleaning 

• Graffiti removal

• Regular janitorial

• Hard Floor Maintenance – Wood, Tile, Terrazo, etc.

• Porter Services

• Trash Collection

• Dusting (High and Low)

• Construction site cleaning

• Snow Removal

• Along with many other services

• Our reliable service makes us the right choice every time.

Steam Cleaning

Steaming cleaning helps to get rid of dirt and bacteria from deep within your carpets. We have specialized steam cleaning machines to do the work quickly, efficiently, and completely. Our powerful machines run by experienced operators will put your carpets into great shape in no time! The advantage steam cleaning has over other methods is that the heat helps to kill off bacteria, microorganisms, dust mites, mold, and other unpleasant things from the carpet fibers. Steam also acts to sanitize the carpet as it goes, leaving it odor and germ-free after we’re done. This is a great option for people with allergies.

Carpet Cleaning

Everyday life can be hard on carpets, especially when there are a lot of people and animals moving around on it. Just enduring the dust, dirt, dander, and everything else is enough to get carpets pretty dirty. Vacuuming helps, but regular carpet cleaning is a necessary part of helping to extend the lifespan of your carpets while keeping them looking and feeling great. Hosting a big event or gathering? We can clean, condition, and dry your carpets to have them looking their best as soon as possible!

Pressure Washing

The average person may not have their own pressure washer or be able to wash well even if they did have one. It’s a tough job pressure washing, especially if you have a task like a driveway, concrete walking paths, or exterior of your home to look forward to. We know you have a lot of better things to do with your time, so we want to offer up our experience, time, and skills to get your pressure washing jobs done when you need them. We excel at indoor and outside pressure washing jobs for homes and businesses.

Residential & Commercial Work

When your home or business has dirty carpets it can ruin the look and feel of your property. But when deep stains set in that ordinary cleaners can't lift or remove, you may be considering expensive replacements. But before you spend your money, why not consider calling us for a low-cost alternative. Our cleaners specialize in lifting the deep stains from carpets like yours to give you that clean feeling you've always wanted while preserving your home's decor and design. Why waste time and money on replacing your carpets when we can give you that day one look you've always wanted. Best of all, we specialize in providing help for both residential and commercial clients, so there's every reason to leave the job to us. To learn more or to schedule a session, give us a call today.

Office Cleaning

In order for your office to be as productive as it can be, it is important that it is kept clean and tidy at all times. If you find it too much of a struggle to deal with this on your own then there is no need for concern, as our office cleaning team are able to help you with everything that needs to be done. We can work closely with you to decide on a schedule that will be right for you, giving you the confidence that your property will always be clean, so give our office cleaning experts a call to chat about what you need.

Post-Construction Clean Up

After a major construction project, cleaning up the mess can be daunting. Even exceptionally careful workers can end up leaving behind dust and dirt in the carpet. When your construction project has finally finished, our carpet cleaners can help. We use the latest equipment and high-quality cleaners to lift dirt, dust and other particles from your carpets and rugs. From steam cleaning options to carpet shampoo, we offer a variety of services to meet your unique needs. Our goal is to make your carpet look as good as new again.

Our Cleaners

Our staff is fully trained and easily recognizable by the power line cleaning Services uniform.